Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Fashion challenged career women

The USAToday Snapshot chart today showed that 55% of women say making it past the glass ceiling is less difficult today and 15% say there is no limitation at all--this based on research by Adecco. Women would have an easier climb to the ceiling and above (if they want the hassle) if they'd make an effort to look like they are serious about the job and not a date after work, or rushing back to the day care to pick up the kids.

It's a sad, sad time when a retired librarian sitting in the coffee shop in $8 jeans (new), a 4 year old white camp shirt (nice detailing and stitching), and black chunky heels looks more serious about earning a living than the gorgeous 20-something I saw ordering coffee and a bagel this morning. I've seen her before, and she is stunning--but usually she has on more clothes. Today she had on above-the-knee, khaki shorts (we used to called them bermudas), a patterned, sleeveless tank top, and 3" cork wedgies with white straps up above the ankles. I know she was going to work because her ID badge was clipped to her belt. Her shoulder length hair and fresh-look make-up was perfect. So, was it a photo shoot for a picnic? Does she work at COSI taking children through the exhibits? Or does she work in an office and has her eye on a guy in management?

Ladies: A man in khaki slacks from Kohl's, loafers and a pressed sport shirt looks more serious about work than a woman in a $500 pants suit with a bit of cleavage peeking above the $150 jewel-toned blouse, teetering on pointy power heels. With all the help and assistance from the government, non-profits, leadership workshops and academic programs in assertiveness, women should have swamped the top echelons 15 years ago--but they insist on looking like they've come to play, or find a husband not to work.

Update: Today she had on my yesterday outfit--dark jeans and a fitted white blouse. Of course, her athletic shoes were aquamarine with glow-pink heels.

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