Friday, April 25, 2008

Death on a Spring night

We've been having beautiful weather--we've been eating dinner on the deck, watching the birds and bees, enjoying the breezes wafting through the open windows in the evenings. Last night shortly after dark we began to hear sirens and then the helicopter going around and around our area. We decided there must have been an accident and maybe the helicopter was going to life-flight someone to the near-by hospital. Then it stopped. On the 10 o'clock news and again at 11 we learned that two young men had stolen a Mustang, had led the police from the west side, around the free-ways and into Arlington going about 70 mph on the city streets, and crashed about 1/2 mile from our home. The police closed the intersection. About 11 p.m. when we were in bed our phone rang. Our daughter had seen the report too, recognized the address, and then panicked when they said the fleeing thieves had hit an elderly couple in a gray van which is what had spun them out of control and into the pole. The couple walked to the ambulance; the 2 men were dead at the scene, the car barely recognizable.

Update: According to the Columbus Dispatch, April 26, the men were identified as Brian R. Faler, 33, and James E. Bush, 43, of Canal Winchester. Both men had spent much of the past 10 years in prison for some very serious crimes, and were subjects of arrest warrants.

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