Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lining up behind the gay marriage advocates

Take a good look at the polygamists you're seeing on TV and in the newspapers--the attractive, modest women, the adorable children, and the clean cut young men. They are waiting in line behind the gay activists for their opportunity to legalize their way of life. As I work my way through the Lutheran Draft social statement on human sexuality, there's hardly a line in it that couldn't be used on behalf of the FLDS culture--or man-boy love, or marrying your sister, for that matter.

Then take a second close look at the culture or sub-culture you consider normal, that you accept without thinking. You'll find a culture that over values and sexualizes very young girls, and encourages pregnancies (with free access to abortion, of course); listen to the hip-hop and rap music if you want abuse of young women; look at the clothing gay designers drape over stick thin teen models; listen to Dr. Phil or Maury Povich talking to proud, strutting baby-daddies; watch a reality TV show about girls gone wild; walk through any high school and see the young girls with eating disorders trying to look like waifs and 12 year olds; count the teens on welfare rolls--the children who will be raised with government assistance and school lunch programs by moms who got pregnant at 14 or 15 and didn't finish school; check out some movies and see how entertainment moguls, bigger slime than you see in that FLDS compound, discourage and disparage marriage--the only hope children have for a better life; then look up the senator or representative you elected and ask what s/he is doing to stop marginalizing poor women with handouts and another program to make the electorate feel less guilty.

Then go take another look at the polygamist colony run by men for men and ask yourself if what we're offering these young women is that much better.

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