Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Limbaugh's silliness

His "operation chaos" is silly, and so is his claim "it's working." If the Democrats are going to fail, let them fall on their swords of divisiveness, poor planning, sense of self-importance and the American people wising up to their thinly veiled socialist rhetoric. He's always saying his listeners aren't mind-numbed robots, so let's assume they won't do anything stupid he suggests. McCain, on the other hand, is actively soliciting lukewarm Democrats to vote for him and offending Republicans by ignoring most conservative principles. This is really a strange election. Is it possible we have 3 Democrats running? A socialist, a liberal and a moderate?

By the way, I heard another reason to support McCain the other day--the third. It might be the last chance to elect someone from the generation born before the Boomers, like 1930-1945. (I think he was born in 1937.) That group hasn't had anyone in the White House. Bill Clinton and George W Bush are boomers. Reagan, Carter, Bush I, Kennedy and Johnson are/were Greatest Generation, all WWII vets. So that's three: national security, Supreme Court appointments, and his generation's place in history. Sigh. Any other ideas? Help me out here.

Update: Two more opinions at Thinklings on Rush's silliness:it's unchristian and unpatriotic, demeaning our vote.

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