Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Advice for boomer retirees

Readers jumped all over those whiners that the WSJ wrote about on April 1. I blogged about them, too. Usually, in letters-to-the editor the WSJ tries to offer a cross section, but I guess no one feels too sorry for a 57 year who had a 6 figure salary and can't retire early at their accustomed standard of living because the economy burps. Here's a summary of comments in yesterday's paper

    Live modestly

    Learn to understand risk

    Learn from past bubbles, whether it's technology or real estate

    Take responsibility for your own actions

    Locate that document that guarantees you will never experience problems [that was my personal favorite]

    Use a little hindsight--like what was your property worth 2 years ago compared to 5 years ago
Not a single sympathizer in the boatload.

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