Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is it too late to draft Al Gore?

He's not a Marxist, he's not a Socialist, he's a patriot, he's a Christian; he's just a bit tetched in the head from his own hot air, but I think I could live with that. When Obama finally admits what we all knew--that tax increase isn't about the revenue, it isn't about health care or the needy, it's about "fairness," (i.e., punishing the rich for success), the gloves are off, as are the bets. If Gore's home state would have supported him, or Bill Clinton hadn't sandbagged him in 2000, he probably would have been the one to take us into Afghanistan and Iraq, because all the Clinton years we heard about WMD, and the 9/11 still would have happened.

Is it too late? Please! I really don't like John McCain, although I've got 4 reasons now to vote for him. I think I could vote for old Algore as a place holder until the Republicans could field someone. As long as we have 3 Democrats to chose from, couldn't one of them be Al Gore?

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