Friday, April 11, 2008

Al, Bill, Ted and Jimmy's most excellent adventure

“A cloud of sulfur dioxide gas and ash rises from a crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Wednesday. Big Island Mayor Harry Kim says evacuations may be necessary because the daily release of toxic gas is a health and safety concern for area residents.” AP report, March 28, 2008, various newspapers

“Instead of trying to manage the weather to fit their definition of warm and cool, hot and cold, why don’t the global warming quartet of Gore, Clinton, Turner, and Carter fly to Hawaii in Al’s private gas-guzzling jet to help Mayor Kim put a halt to the 2,000 tons of toxic gas being emitted into the atmosphere every single day, surely raising global temperatures astronomically!  Why isn’t the global warming crowd doing something, anything, right now about mini-Mt Pinatubo?
You and I know the answer! It’s because they can’t do anything about it just as they can’t do anything about the weather. It’s called nature, Al, Bill, Ted, and Jimmy! A recent U.N. report included a whole section about human activity (“vehicles of selfish genes,” according to Richard Dawkins) creating global warming, yet not a single word was said about the sun or its activity. Why is it so hard to admit that God’s sun (see Genesis 1) is responsible for keeping the Earth warm and livable?” From “Plunging into the abyss with Al Gore. . . “ David Noebel, at


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