Friday, April 18, 2008

There are worse things than modest women with long hair

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JAM said...

Awesome! I like the fish belly white legs on the guy in the background best.

The news, both on TV and online keep showing these women as if they are from Mars, but in Louisiana where I grew up, a significant portion of the people are oneness Pentecostals and always wear dresses or long skirt, and don't wear makeup or cut their hair. These women were a common sight most of my life, and my years in public school were sprinkled with the young girls growing up.

Much more modest and soft spoken than the normal teens sitting next to them. One girl I was good friends with in high school, named April, was a curious mix of intelligence and naiveté because she never had watched TV or been to a movie.

When we went back to LA Christmas before last, I was shocked in walking into Walmart and seeing bunches of these women again. In my years in Florida, I had gotten so used to many of the women dressing like what we called trailer trash when I was growing up. It was a shock to see such modesty in dress and in manner of action and speaking.

These women remind me so much in their looks, of the Pentecostal women I grew up seeing, though I know their religions differ quite a bit.