Friday, April 04, 2008

Hillary H. Hoover

I'd planned to write an entry that the economic solutions that Miz Hillary is recommending were what President Herbert Hoover cooked up to fix the 1929 slump. It didn't work for him, and then FDR made it even worse, plunging the country further into depression. A true bipartisan mess. Well, this blogger already said it with links, so I'll refer you to Music City Oracle.

Hillobama must be products of the public schools. They don't know what happened in the 1930s with the economy, the 1950s in Korea (how our negotiated settlement of that war led to the deaths of millions of North Koreans by slavery and starvation), or the 1970s in VietNam (when millions of our allies were either sent to reeducation camps or murdered because of our abandoning them) and now they want that for the Iraqi people; they don't even see their current campaign and party problems as the outcome of their plantation mentality and gender gerrymandering.

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Anonymous said...

This is simply a by-product of the two party system. Our Republican President got us into this big,bad nasty war so the wonderful, intelligent and beutiful Democrats say they will get us out! Now some people call this our political checks and balances. I call it partisan politics that keeps us in complete stagnation. It's been going on for years. Why can't people see it for what it is?