Friday, April 25, 2008

What to wear in Italy

Cannes, the site of the film festival, isn't in Italy, but it's close enough. I saw an article on what to wear in Cannes (for the festival and site seeing), so I thought it would be a good hanger for my travel wardrobe in early summer when we visit Italy.
      designer jeans
      colorful tight top or
      wrapped dress in bold print
      trimmings of diamonds, flashy handbag and expensive sun glasses

      bleached teeth
      designer gown
      a tan

      good flats or expensive sandals (absolutely no athletic shoes)
      you can also use the sunglasses, jeans, tight shirt and white teeth

      tight jeans
      fitted white shirt or
      rocker t-shirt
      expensive shoes
      gold Rolex


I'm not sure my on-sale Talbot's jeans with sparkles and flowers qualify; even so, I do hate to see women "dressed up" in jeans--especially tight jeans. Ladies, I think the gay designers are after our men, because most of us just don't look that terrific after age 16 in tight jeans. Muffin tops, saddle bags, cellulite, sausage links--you know the routine. What we look like in that 3-way mirror in the store is exactly what someone walking behind our behinds sees.

So here's my plan--black, white and taupe, with a little color thrown in for evening. I now have two new pair of black sandals, and one pair of black walking shoes--tie oxfords. I agree with the writer--athletic shoes for strolling around ancient ruins and art museums look a bit tacky. But so do tight jeans on plump or saggy Americans.

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