Monday, February 17, 2014

Exercising without stressing your knees and hips

Sometimes my bursitis aches; other times I don’t feel anything. Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, and can happen just about anywhere you have a joint.  Advil will knock out the pain, but it is not recommended for those of us who take blood thinners, nor is turmeric. I keep a Thermapac in the freezer and sometimes sit on it.  This comes from Healthbeat, Harvard Medical School.

The following activities are gentle on knees and hips. You can combine these exercises to create a routine lasting 30 minutes or longer:

  • Floor exercises (abdominal curls, crunches, push-ups, or leg lifts)
  • Resistance training with hand weights
  • Gentle yoga
  • Swimming
  • Exercise ball routines, including stretches, abdominal curls, or leg lifts

Water exercise offers particular benefits because:

  • The water supports your weight, reducing stress on your joints.
  • You can try out exercises before doing them on solid ground.
  • An 85° F pool is comfortable for exercise and soothes joints.
  • You can increase range of motion and endurance without strenuous effort or joint pain.

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