Friday, February 07, 2014

Think warm thoughts

We are SHARING because we needed the reminder too... just saying.

The chill factor today in Columbus is below –10, real temp about zero.  Side streets and even some main streets (in Columbus) are a mess. We attended an event at the Columbus Art Museum, and  was holding my breath that we wouldn’t get stuck.  The museum is going through a massive construction, parking is limited, and side streets haven’t been plowed.


sandyland said...

Norma the pictures of mine on Thursday 13 are all pen and pencil sketches and oils on strange mediums like skins etc. love that flower but 10 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh from Fl

Alice Audrey said...

Yeah. The hoses at the back of my washing machine froze. We don't have that much snow, but it's still treacherous out there. I also need the reminder of Spring.