Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Actually, this whopper may not be that big

President Obama likes to claim he is "at war" with talk radio, or with Fox News.  He's really at war with the truth.


The trick word here is "expanded." For instance, under Bush SNAP eligibility was expanded, but Obama increased recruitment to the program. EITC, HEAP, TANF, Medicaid, SCHIP, disability, even Obama phones (phone assistance began under Reagan) etc. were all programs of other presidents. Lack of good jobs and reductions because of Obamacare has pushed more onto government benefits.  What's new is people fleeing the workforce to apply for and get SS disability because he couldn't turn around the job situation.

What has expanded is the wait for veteran’s benefits.  For welfare recipients, there is a 30 day wait to qualify for food stamps, or expedited, 7 days. Over 675,000 claims pending for veterans, 58% for over 125 days. Why are veterans required to wait? Haven't they already paid? Are the low income, unemployed a bigger voting block than disabled veterans?

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