Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thursday Thirteen plus one


Stop setting goals was the best advice book I’ve  ever read—which I didn’t find until I retired.  “Setting goals” is a creativity and thought killer for about half of us and yet we’re always told to do it or have it or accomplish it.  I was a librarian and we tend to be problem solvers, not goal setters.  The author, Bobb Biehl suggests “targets.”  However, here’s a blog with a similar thought—and I see it’s based the same author, Bobb Biehl, “5 big picture questions and 9 accelerators.” I recognize the 9th accelerator from the "Stop setting goals" book. I made three New Year’s resolutions—measureable, easily accomplished and short time frame (January 31) and met them all.  New ones will be built on that for February. Setting a goal for all of 2014 would have been impossible—at least for me.

1. What three changes will most please God?
2. What can I do to make the most significant impact for God in my lifetime? [I would change this to a specific time—like “in 2014” or the next 5 years]
3  What is the single best measurable indicator that I am making progress toward my dream?
4. What three measureable priorities will I accomplish before I die? [Again, I’d use a specific time frame.  Several years ago I had lunch with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in ages.  We had such a great time we decided to do it again in 2 weeks.  Three days later she died.]
5. What three measurable priorities will I accomplish in the next 10 years? [I would shorten that to one year, or 5 years at the most. No one can know what 10 years will bring. Facebook is 10 years old. Five years ago would you have believed the NSA was collecting your phone information?]

If you’re launching a new project (many TT participants are writers or artists)

1  Name your single greatest strength.

2. Identify three decisions causing the greatest stress.
3. What is overwhelming me?
4. What is my impassable road block?
5. What should I resign from?
6. What can I postpone?
7. What things on my list can others do 80% as well?
8. What elephants are in my schedule?
9. Identify three things in the next 90 days I could do that would make a 50% difference.

I think the important words of this list are the numbers three, changes, indicator, priorities, decisions, schedule, and things. Specific and measureable. The word “impact” is a bit squishy for me, but if it works for you, go for it!


sandyland said...

1 pretty important

Heather said...

I never make new year's resolutions and rarely set goals, but I am a list maker. I actually managed to cross everything off my last to-do list. My T13: Recently Read

Alice Audrey said...

I never do the New Years Resolution thing but I set goals all the time. Without them I'm a total slug.

CountryDew said...

I like this - and your #4 made quite an impact.

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

I think my greatest stresses that overwhelm me are the physical limitations that I can't do a whole lot about. Just taking it one day at a time.