Tuesday, February 04, 2014

You can look up your childhood home


Use this website, type in the address, and then stroll down the street.  It’s approximate, but you can probably find it.  Caution.  Everything will look a whole lot smaller than when you lived there.

203 E. Hitt


Anonymous said...

I remember the pipe organ in the church of my childhood as monstrously huge. The pipes were without number and they towered above me. When I returned to the church in my 30s, I was sorely disappointed with the reality of the small size of the instrument. David

Norma said...

I remember the huge hill behind this house in 1946. My brother bought the same house in the mid-60s, and I was shocked to see the tiny blip that I thought was a hill.

Anonymous said...

I was so surprised to see this house on a web site it belongs to a friend of mine I must tell her she is a very private person and she may be dismayed or pleased who knows she likes her privacy

Norma said...

On the internet there is no privacy. She's also in the census (on the internet) and the county will supply maps showing access to her home.