Monday, February 10, 2014

The papers of Diane Blair, best friend of Hillary Clinton

Strong and ruthless.  No surprise there.  You’d have to be strong to put up with Bill’s philandering so he could be your stepping stone to power.

“. . . previously unpublished documents contained in the archive of one of Hillary Clinton’s best friends and advisers, documents that portray the former first lady, secretary of State, and potential 2016 presidential candidate as a strong, ambitious, and ruthless Democratic operative.”

“The full contents of the archive, which before 2010 was closed to the public, have not previously been reported on and shed new light on Clinton’s three decades in public life. The records paint a complex portrait of Hillary Clinton, revealing her to be a loyal friend, devoted mother, and a cutthroat strategist who relished revenge against her adversaries and complained in private that nobody in the White House was “tough and mean enough.””

There is a link in this article to 40 pages of Blair’s notes, thoughts and memos.

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