Saturday, February 08, 2014

How universities remain biased and political

No one else can get on the faculty. Conservatives. Christians. Pro-Life. Creationists.  NIMBY. You have a better chance of being hired by a major university if you are a shoe bomber than a conservative pro-lifer. Even if hired to avoid discrimination charges, you’d have to face your political enemies at promotion and tenure review.

“The University of Iowa's law-school faculty, like most law-school faculties, is overwhelmingly liberal. When Ms. Wagner was considered for the job, the law school had only one Republican on its 50-member faculty, according to party registration records obtained from the Iowa Secretary of State, and he had joined the faculty 25 years earlier. . .

Hiring decisions should be based on candidates' merits, including their ability to vigorously present in the classroom and criticize conservative as well as progressive views. If the Eighth Circuit protects Teresa Wagner's constitutional rights, the court will also bolster legal education in America by promoting its depoliticization.”

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