Sunday, February 09, 2014

Dr. Gemechis Buba,, NALC Assistant to the Bishop for Missions

There are more Lutherans in Ethiopia than there are in the largest U.S. synod, ELCA. And we are so fortunate to have one in the North American Lutheran Church, residing and working here in Columbus. This morning he preached at our church, and he left the congregation breathless and excited. Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba has personally experienced the persecution of the church and that was his topic today, the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 7). When he was about 3 years old and his baby sister 3 months, his parents were taken from their home by the Communists and imprisoned. Eventually his mother was released, but his father was tortured and brutalized for 6 years. The four threats to Christianity today he told us are, 1) Communism, 2) radical Islam, 3) traditional religions, and 4) liberalism in Europe and the U.S.--some Christians in name only who don't preach the Bible and the traditional beliefs of Christianity. He urged us to be strong and to be a praying church of praying families made up of praying individuals.

Dr. Buba left ELCA where he was the Director of African National Ministries and joined NALC after the ELCA decided to allow active homosexuals in the ordained clergy. ELCA evicted the Immigrant African Churches in the United States (United Oromo Evangelical Churches) from their buildings and expelled them from the synod because of their opposition to that policy.

Dr. Buba preaching in Iowa at a young congregation, Faith Lutheran, 3 years old.

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