Tuesday, February 04, 2014

How Republicans shoot themselves in the foot


I was a Democrat much longer than I’ve been a Republican, and I suppose it’s that “conservative” mind set of the Republicans, but really, they just don’t know how to get in there and fight like a Democrat.  They also don’t know how to plan or execute. Democrats are setting up country wide plans to accomplish what we all know—all elections are local.  I get their newsletters and e-mails—I read the plans.  Republicans, meanwhile, push away their only hope—conservatives.

Republicans will chase the Hispanic vote by caving on citizenship, border security and amnesty. But they'll flee from confirmed conservatives, Tea Party supporters and Libertarians who actually gave them the House in 2010 and many governorships. Who's a better bet for supporting Republicans in the long run? Certainly not illegal immigrants who always vote Democratic. The 1986 IRCA is a good example of bipartisanship, and look what it got us. Porous borders, more anchor babies, more low wage workers taking American jobs, and more Democrats.

In Ohio SB 193 has been called the “John Kasich Re-election Protection Act.” I found an early January article.  Like many Republicans in Washington, Kasich was elected with the help of Tea Party and Libertarians to get rid of Gov. Strickland, and is now running the other way--away from his right wing supporters and trying to keep anyone who could run against him off the ballot.

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