Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A mother’s prayer for her 5 year old Ben who is dying

Lord, comfort your beautiful son in these next few days. Give him peace. And alleviate his pain. Show him the way into heaven and promise me, You'll be the first to greet him. Wipe away his tears and let him know we won't be that far behind him. Tell him to look out for his big brother and baby sisters while they navigate this life. Perhaps you can introduce him to his sibling we lost in-utero more than two years ago. I'm sure his relatives that are there waiting won't have a problem recognizing him for themselves. He's going to love all of the animals - frogs and snakes are his favorite - and he's going to be thrilled to have his own wings. I'm sure he'd love playing with David's slingshot, too! And God, grant us peace, as well. Those who are left behind. As we come to grips with our new future without Ben being close. As we find the grace you've given us and discover joy in the knowledge that You're carrying all of us in the palm of Your hand.

We are scared. We are hurt. We are sad. But we trust You. For You are Good.


Update: Ben is in heaven. May 13, 2014

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