Saturday, May 24, 2014

The church is a hospital for sinners, and also cares for the sick

We know why the church takes care of the sick--Jesus commanded it and also miraculously healed them himself setting the example and commanded his immediate disciples (of whom we are heirs) to do the same. Over the centuries the Christian church, particularly the Roman Catholic church, has been the largest social service agency. But why does the government do it when it picks and chooses (over the centuries) the sinners and the winners? Governments have killed far more people than religious leaders could even consider, plus they use religious sects (of any faith) to do the dirty work. In the U.S. we have the push for government health insurance when 85% of the citizens already were satisfied with what they had and a large portion of those who didn't have insurance were eligible for a minimal care level already provided. That's an inordinate amount of power to hand to any entity. At the same time, 55 million have been put to death with the government's blessing and regulated abortion industry.

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