Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eric Holder, racist in chief

Americans love special anniversaries. 60 years--1954 Brown v. Board of Education and 50 years--1964 Civil Rights Act and LBJ's Great Society. And of course, 2014 when Eric Holder and the Obama Administration prattle that America's made no progress and we're still just a bunch of racists (forgetting that the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregated education system belonged to Democrat policies).

So an 80 year old billionaire in a private conversation with his black mistress can undo trillions of dollars of government programs and transfers? Really an insult to our history and progress. But for the left, it's never enough, there's never progress for the progressives. Keep it churning or lose your jobs.

According to Eric Holder (who was allowed to speak at graduation) zero tolerance for violence in schools is racist and signifies resegregation. So, let's look at this. Little white boys in 3rd grade who are suspended for pointing a finger like a gun violate this policy and will be punished by a suspension, but a black child will get a pass for beating up a classmate on the bus? What is it called when Condi Rice is disinvited to speak at graduation? She probably would have given some inspiring advice to graduates; all Holder did was give a whiny political screed.

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Anonymous said...

and who is the racist? I wonder