Thursday, May 01, 2014

How far should they go with personal, private speech restriction?

Will it end with Donald Sterling? He had a black/Mexican mistress was jealous of some hunky black athletes she was hanging out with, so he said some crude things.   Perhaps their 50 year age difference made him a bit insecure in his manhood?  Now they are going to take his team away from him for being a racist.  I heard that there's another team owner who has contributed to causes to support marriage and the gay mafia are going after him.

This may not turn out well--do you want your business destroyed because you contributed to Planned Parenthood or you're not vegan, or you own a fur coat, or use coal for your electricity, or you're a pagan, or you had two mothers, or you contributed to the growth of federal control over education, or your grandmother was the vice president of a bank in Hawaii? The Democrats won't always be in power and political correctness can swing both ways.


Anonymous said...

it may be his right of speech but somehow it doesn't seem "right" what kind of person says things like that I wonder and I wonder about people that defend what he says

Norma said...

I'm actually defending your right to say dumb things. Sterling is a known quantity--he's been saying things like this for 30 years. But Democrats need a diversion right now, and need to convince blacks they've made no progress. Looks like it's working.