Thursday, May 08, 2014

Distracted driving, teens and cell phones

A well known TV personality in Columbus is promoting awareness about distracted driving. His beautiful teen daughter was killed last year. Statistics are already grim for teens and driving, but add in a smart phone and we're all at risk if we're sharing the road with them (as I was yesterday). "Currently, 77% of drivers talk on their phones while driving, 81% of young adults write text messages while driving, and 92% of young adults read text messages while driving. Drivers are 23-fold more likely to crash if texting while driving." But it's not just teens. I see a lot of moms chatting on the phone with kids in the car, watching her behavior.

Other distractions about which older people need to be reminded: eating and drinking, changing channels on the radio or disc player, hands free phones, passengers in the car talking, checking the GPS, adjusting seats, taking off jacket or other clothing, looking for sun glasses, adjusting the visor to keep out glare, finding a tissue . . . keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road and the other drivers.

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