Monday, May 05, 2014

Will you live past 90? New research

Last night's 60 minutes (it's really 42 minutes) had an excellent report by Leslie Stahl on being over 90 years old. It challenged many myths about aging.

Some findings were no surprise to me. “People who exercised definitely lived longer than people who didn't exercise. As little as 15 minutes a day on average made a difference. Forty-five was the best. Even three hours didn't beat 45 minutes a day." However, the grim statistics were—over age 65, dementia doubles every 5 years.  Low blood pressure is worse than high blood pressure this age group, and being overweight, or normal weight, is better than being thin. Wine, dessert and coffee are good for long life.  Much of dementia in this age group is not Alzheimer’s, but hundreds or thousands of tiny strokes.  Some people seem to have something that protects them from dementia—this research will hopefully solve that puzzle.

Taking supplements doesn’t provide any protection, but being social does.  So take a friend to lunch, volunteer, go to church, join a book club, help your neighbors (it’s a 2-fer).

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