Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tolerance is not a value of the left

If you ever asked where's the fairness or tolerance and where's the love, forget it. It's not your mother's 1960s. Leftists/feminists/socialists/communists were never about fairness or tolerance--only power.

Two campus movements--the stamp out white privilege and the ginned up rape crisis--are actually about destroying men. If the college your son or daughter has chosen requires these, then don't pay that ridiculous tuition--go elsewhere. Maybe a trade school where they will learn something useful.

I really doubt that a gay student will be brought up on rape charges for an unwanted kiss, but a straight kid will be; and I'm pretty sure that no matter how aggressive she is, there will be very few daughters being charged with holding the reins of power.

This year's White Privilege conference included sessions on the Tea Party and Climate Change. See More

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