Thursday, May 01, 2014

The first (or second) gay president.

The left is outraged that Glenn Beck made a joke about the possibility of Hillary Clinton being a lesbian and mimicking her husband's behavior with women. Why? Would that be more awful than her policies, or lack of leadership as Secretary of State? Are the Daily Beast and Huffington Post homophobic? Her sexuality isn't going to affect the right wing voters, and the left wing would just praise her bravery. Rumors of her liaisons came out years ago, and mostly from left wing sources.

Hillary’s 2008 campaign staff probably started the Obama gay boyfriend rumors, and Chicagoans were blogging about them, but things have changed a lot in 5 years.  Now it is resume enhancement. Even Barney remarked on that—and would he be insulted if someone said he was a closet heterosexual?

BARNEY FRANK: "When I was 14, I realized I was gay. I said I was a lot like the other guys, but there were two things that I knew made me different than the other guys. First of all, I was attracted to politics. Second, I was attracted to the other guys. Now that wasn't going to work well because to be in politics you had to be popular. To be a homosexual was not to be very popular. Well, if this was fiction -- spoiler alert -- by the time I retire, there was still a disparity between the popularity of being gay and the popularity of being a politician. But it had flipped. And my marriage polled better than my service as a committee chairman.




Anonymous said...

so what?! I think YOU are the one with the problem.piece after piece about sex or orintation or some other type of bedroom peeping.Get some real things to worry about. And leave peoples sexual habits alone they are none of your business. You complain about folks going public with their inclination and then you too write about it really you are as to balme as any on the mass media only you do it all the while pretending to be so regiloous you are judgmental not religious. You don't like gays OK fine but just remember you have to give an accounting someday...not everything is all one way and it is not always your way.

Norma said...

Are you saying "So what" about Beck's comments, or Obama being the first gay president? And why is it your business what I blog about? Goodness, the whole world is fascinated by gay athletes, gay movie stars, gay soldiers, 3 lesbians having a baby together, a woman marrying her dog, etc. but I can't have an opinion? You are certainly narrow minded.

Anonymous said...

You do get some strange ones. Gays are in the news constantly, but you are to blame and don't like gays because you comment.

Anonymous said...

Your troll doesn't follow very closely. Gay sex is the least of your topics, way behind abortion and Obama. Or is she equating them?