Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CRC on labor unions, March issue

Ever wonder what it would be like if radical unions and their allies gained control of New York City? Wonder no more.  “Labor Watch” reports on how the nation’s most powerful union local, Service Employees International Union 1199, and its radical allies such as former ACORN leader Bertha Lewis, now dominate city government. The key: they successfully backed Bill de Blasio, the city’s new mayor.

Wall Street Journal wrote a stinging editorial on de Blasio’s payoff to his cronies in the city’s teachers’ union via a new contract. The sweetheart deal “is walking back a decade of [school] reforms and blowing the bank” on $5.5 billion in pay raises for teachers.

CRC senior editor Matthew Vadum exposes a related phenomenon: the increasing presence of labor union bosses in the secretive, pro-Democratic funding powerhouse known as the Democracy Alliance. Co-founder George Soros’s son Jonathan accidentally left behind a partial membership list at the Chicago Ritz, and it shows that new members of the donor group include leaders from Workers United and Communication Workers of America, as well as Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.



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