Thursday, May 08, 2014

DeBlasio and the teachers’ unions

Will Cain has made a film about a charter school, Success Academy, in NYC where his son is enrolled. He's thrilled with the school--Will is from a small town with one school, he had no idea that public schools in NYC could be so bad. This school has the highest test scores in the state--a school of underprivileged, black and brown children (32% Latinos and 38% African-Americans) with single parents, bad living conditions, you name it, and these kids overcame what the research said was impossible given their economic and family status. They are testing higher than the kids of the one percenters! And Mayor de Blasio, a Sandanista supporter who honeymooned in Cuba, has decided the charter school must be closed as, "not in the best interest of the children." Ha! Not in the best interest of the teachers unions.

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