Friday, May 02, 2014

Foreclosure of a mega church in Georgia where I have my blogs has a feature called "next blog" so I was browsing today and found Church in the Now of Conyers, GA, and the last entry was about its foreclosure, Easter 2012. It was a huge, magnificent facility and not ugly like most mega churches. So I read through the pastor's timeline of how he started it in 1985 with 54 members, up to the sale for over $18 million, and about the other 90 churches in Georgia going through foreclosure.

Wondering where they went and expecting a rebuilding with renewed energy, I Googled. In 2010, he had announced he was gay, he says, to stem the tide of gay teen suicides. Really? How many teens listen to adults about their sexuality? Plus the highest suicide rate in the U.S. isn't gay teens--it's men over 85. And he'd been married twice and had 4 children. If claiming to be honest about sexuality, at least be honest about other things.

Over the centuries, millions of men and women have given up acting on sexual feelings and putting aside personal relationships from marriage to affairs to procreation in order to achieve a higher calling (whether or not you agree isn't the point). Millions more are caretakers for spouses and have set aside sexual desires for a higher form of expressing love.  Every day there are married people who choose to be faithful to their vows rather than act on their sexual desires.  He needed to be honest, but probably should have started with his first wife and the original congregation of 1985 and stop blaming society for his hiding his true feelings all these years. From celebrities to politicians to pastors: if you can't accept your homosexuality, don't be surprised when society isn't sympathetic with your cover up when you finally come out.

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