Wednesday, July 09, 2014

1300 more pages for ACA aka Obamacare

Mike Huckabee writes on July 8:

Friday was Independence Day…unless you’re a doctor… While Americans had their eyes on fireworks, the Health and Human Services Department quietly released the latest batch of new Obamacare regulations. If you thought the original 2,000-page bill was long, that was just the blueprint for how to make MORE regulations. This time, HHS unleashed nearly 1300 pages of new regulations. Former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey has actually been reading all this bureaucratic gibberish. She says the first 600 or so pages place new requirements on doctors who see Medicare patients. They not only intrude on the care doctors give, but experts estimate that it will take a doctor up to an hour and 48 minutes per patient to comply. That adds up to about 5.4 million MORE hours a year that doctors will have to spend doing paperwork instead of seeing patients. So if you want to find a doctor who’ll take Medicare patients, better start looking now. Even if you’re under thirty.

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