Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Watching today’s news (ABC)

The middle east is in chaos because of the U.S. sloppy pullout; Israel is being attacked; the IRS has computers that mysteriously eat their hard drives; smallpox vials from the 1950s have been found in a government store room; thousands of children from Central America have been made refugees by our policies; and ABC is discussing what George Clooney's future mother-in-law said or didn't say. This is the "free press" we were guaranteed in the First Amendment?

After 80 attacks from Hamas. . .

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Anonymous said...

David Keck: The Mideast turmoil and aggressiveness of our enemies is not just because of one thing. It is the total message we have been sending for six years: disrespect for our allies in clear, symbolic as well as tangible ways, lack of resolve, dismantling our military advantage unilaterally, significant resignations and retirements among the military leadership, a president who seems disengaged except to benefit from world travel personally, a sloppy and generally narcissistic personal diplomatic style, the laissez-faire attitude toward our own border at a time when Mexico enters our air space and fires on Americans, and, last, but not least, a total disregard for protecting our own, Bergdahl notwithstanding, since that benefitted the enemy, e. g. Benghazi and the truly innocent stray solider in Mexico. I mean, if there ever was a sucking vacuum, this is it.