Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The identify crisis in the newest EO

President Richard Nixon in a 1969 Executive Order, included gender to a list of groups that are protected from being discriminated against as federal employees. Why the hoopla about Obama?  And if his EO update (also updated by Johnson and Clinton) makes a difference, why did he wait so long? Being gay didn't stop librarians from rising to the top of their profession. Or artists.  Or musicians. Or novelists.  Certain folks seem to fear their own sexuality and have stayed too long in the closet.  Will they now take the designation "male/female" off personnel records and applications? (I’ve heard California is removing husband and wife designations). Or will job applications and personnel records need to include surgery records for transitioned? Will a black transgender (male to female) have a case against the boss because a gay black man has been promoted and she wasn't?

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