Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trust in a marriage—what does that mean to you?

"Trust in a marriage." Just what does that phrase mean? This is my list, your mileage will vary.

  • Trust with money--one doesn't decide major purchases without consulting the other. Check books and credit cards aren't a battleground. Money isn't about wealth, it's about values, which is why I put it first.
  • Trust with communication--no lying, but no unnecessary honesty either, like what was said 10 years ago that hurt, or what you really think of your mother-in-law or her best friend.
  • Trust that grievances will be worked out and not cherished and polished like prayer beads.
  • Trust that the other isn't "sharing" or "just joking" behind your back, demeaning the marriage relationship instead of lifting it up.
  • Trust that the marriage bed is pure and free of outside influences.
  • Trust that the marriage vows will be kept, in thought, word and deed.
  • Trust that the other can enjoy time with friends and family that may not include the other without jealousy or anxiety.
  • Trust that the other will maintain a strong work ethic to support the family.
  • Trust that one parent doesn't work against the other in discipline of children (minor or adult), family values, religion.

What would you add?


Jackie H. said...

I will be married one week in two weeks so I appreciate the perspective! 54 years! Wow!!!

Jackie H. said...

I will have been married for one year in two weeks! So I appreciate your perspective :) 54 years! Wow!!! Congratulations :)