Friday, July 25, 2014

Our birthrate is below replacement levels

Pew Research says the U.S. birth rate is falling because of the recession, but it fell by more between 1990-2000 which were very good years. Let's blame Bush instead of Obama's anti-life policies and insistence on free contraception.


Anonymous said...

young people MIGHT have huge student loans or if Not,low income jobs-part time maybe. Lots of reasonS to blame. So lets give Obama A PASS ON THIS ONE. I KNOW YOUR HATRED RUNS DEEP BUT I DO NOT THINK THIS ONE IS JUSTIFIED.

Norma said...

I was responding to research that in part blamed the recession when in fact, the birth rate was falling during good economic times. No other president has been as anti-life as Obama who supports late term abortion and free contraception. So where is the hatred in telling the truth. He's the one who hangs out with Planned Parenthood officials and asks for their campaign dollars.