Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Political posturing on the left

James Taranto writes in the WSJ:

“Senate Democrats appear to have concluded that scapegoating religious minorities is good politics. "Sens. Patty Murray of Washington and Mark Udall of Colorado are expected to introduce legislation on Wednesday seeking to prevent companies from relying on a religious freedom law to avoid complying with the Affordable Care Act's requirement to cover all forms of contraception approved by the government without charging workers a copayment," The Wall Street Journal reports.

The bill, a response to last week's Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, would foreclose employers from conscientiously objecting to ObamaCare coverage mandates under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It has no prospect of being enacted into law this year, given that Republicans control the House. National Journal last week quoted Speaker John Boehner, who praised the decision as "a victory for religious freedom and another defeat for an administration that has repeatedly crossed constitutional lines in pursuit of its Big Government objectives." (Actually, in this case the line it crossed was a statutory one.)

Thus the introduction of the legislation is an exercise not in lawmaking but in political point-scoring.”

So the illegal mandate is going to generate more legislation. Obamacare was declared a tax by SCOTUS and the ACA originated in the Senate instead of the House where those things are required by law.  What a bunch of clowns and crooks.

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