Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Truth about the Hobby Lobby decision

The vitriolic and blatant politicization of the Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby, as evidenced in the left wing media and social media, is nothing short of astonishing. They would lead you to believe that:

-Women’s right to birth control products has been taken away or severely impacted by the decision.
-That big business is trying to dictate women’s birth control rights and choices
-That this is all just a Republican plot to furt...her the (fictitious) “war on women”

None of that is true. Actually the only thing that has severely limited women’s health care choices is Obamacare.. .(if you like your plan you can keep it….if you like your doctor you can keep him…you’ll have more affordable choices for your healthcare)
The simple fact is no one is being denied birth control. The only thing Hobby Lobby's lawsuit eliminates is Hobby Lobby paying for any of the four drugs that are de facto abortion pills. The other sixteen drugs are covered by Hobby Lobby insurance. And the four abortion drugs are also available, you just have to pay for it yourself, or you c an get them free from Planned Parenthood. NO choices have been eliminated or severely impacted. All that’s happened is that all Americans rights to religious freedom have been protected.

It's startling how ill informed, or just plain susceptible to the deceptive propaganda the left is trying to use to divide the country for their own political gain. I've seen so much really pathetic, ignorant rhetoric on this topic today. C'mon get yourself informed and think for yourself. . Americans are smarter than that.

Written by Charles Rowland.

I agree, but Charlie, unfortunately, many Americans are NOT smarter than that.

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