Thursday, July 03, 2014

Watching the morning scare stories

I'm glad we have TV warnings and coverage of bad weather, I really am, but the breathlessness and excitement, the stirring of fear. Do I see just a tad of wishful thinking for climate change/disturbance/wind change people? There are fewer hurricanes and tornadoes and the temps overall are dropping, and the icebergs were still floating on Lake Superior in mid-June, but why mess with a good story?  My next door neighbor has a huge ash tree.  Now that’s a concern. (Ash borer)

Hurricane Arthur


Anonymous said...

sure all the weathermen scientist and experts are all in on the climate hoax and your degree is from where

Norma said...

My degrees are from the University of Illinois. And yours?

Norma said...

"I love our wonderful planet Earth. If I thought it was threatened by global warming, I would devote my life to stopping the warming." John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, Meteorologist for 60 years