Friday, July 25, 2014

OSU band director fired

Women were first admitted to the OSU marching band 41 years ago, and those who observed it in those pre-diversity days say it wasn't for wimps then either and there was hazing in the pre-Title IX days. Positions are highly competitive--and not just at try out. I don't know the details on why the band director since 2012 Jonathon Waters was fired, but I have read it was a parent that blew the whistle about serious "cultural issues" and sexual harassment within the band. I don't think this will make the new president the most popular guy on campus.

If a director on the job for 2 years can be blamed for behavior that goes back over 40 years, then why not the President who's been on the job for 3 weeks?

I wonder if this parent homeschooled her daughter?  Maybe she doesn’t read Facebook?  The whole world is sexualized but pretending not to be—horrified that someone made a gay joke 5 years ago, but insulted if it is suggested that fornication or adultery are wrong. Has this Mom never watched TV, or seen twerking, or wardrobe failures?

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