Friday, July 11, 2014

True the Vote vs. GOP in Mississippi

Last week, True the Vote sued the Mississippi Republican Party and several other defendants over their wrongful denial of access to election documents in the primary and run-off between US Senator Thad Cochran and MS Senator Chris McDaniel.
Now,  the Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party has gone on full attack.  MS GOP Chairman Joe Nosef told Breitbart that True the Vote has an "awful reputation" and even went so far as to threaten his own voting base with "sanctions" because they were plaintiffs in the suit to shed light on this clouded election for the United States Senate. The challenge is to review what should be publicly available documents related to absentee ballots.

TTV says it has uncovered evidence of possible criminal misconduct involving the destruction of relevant election documents, double voting,  and crossover voting, whereby voters' rights are being sacrificed in the interest of political gamesmanship.
Wednesday, True the Vote asked the federal court to place a temporary restraining order on both the State and the Mississippi GOP to ensure no more documents are destroyed.  From True the Vote e-mail.

Why should we care who represents Mississippi in the U.S. Senate?  Take a look at the votes.  They control and represent all of us.

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