Monday, July 21, 2014

Week five at Lakeside

The week begins on Saturday at Lakeside with the sad face renters leaving and the new vacationers coming in with happy faces.  We’re always happy because we’re here 9 weeks.  The Saturday evening program was Blood sweat and tears with Bo Brice (American Idol runner up) and the baby boomers were happy, but the volume drove us out after about 10 minutes. The big event for me on Saturday was the massage at Kenny House in Port Clinton.   Sunday I’ve already blogged about here—so many wonderful things going on and many people enjoying the wonderful weather.

The day time program theme is “The Gilded Age,” with Dr. Thomas Mach of Cedarville University presenting four lectures on big business, labor, the farmer and politics. On Wednesday morning Amelia Jeffers of Garth’s in Delaware will present on Art and Antiques of the Gilded Age, and she is also discussing the book The Classic Style of American Antiques at the Women’s Club on Tuesday.  On Wednesday afternoon, Bryan Wright who is pursuing a PHD in musicology will discuss “Music of the Gilded Age.”  Thursday afternoon is a program on Andrew Carnegie and a film on the Triangle Fire will be shown in the morning. There are some historic preservation workshops on Friday.

Tuesday night will feature some Russian musicians from St. Petersburg, “Moscow nights and golden gates,” (could be an awkward time to be Russian and traveling).  The cottage tour is Thursday, and my husband will be the host at one of them (he was the architect); that always brings in a lot of visitors.

It’s heating up today—we may not be able to enjoy dinner on the deck if it gets into the 90s as predicted.

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