Monday, July 21, 2014

A perfect day at Lakeside

We at Lakeside often talk about a perfect day (we don't comment when it is muggy or ghastly hot), but yesterday really was. There was so much going on this week-end it looked like the Fourth of July traffic, yet the weather was sunny and under 80. There was the plein air art show in the park, the wooden boat show on the lakefront, a 50s-60s rock and roll band, Wally and the Beavs, at the pavilion, eats on the hotel lawn for a very reasonable price, a wonderful history lecture in Chautauqua Hall, and a fabulous recital, "Songs of Faith" (which I attended) by Andrew Blosser, tenor, and Emily Rogers, mezzo-soprano, at the charming United Methodist Church, and 88 kids showing up for Kids’ Sail (my husband is one of the sailors who take them out). We topped it off with a lovely dinner on the deck with some fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market.  Although I did find out those weren’t Ohio peaches, but South Carolina.  Still wonderfully sweet and delicious.


Bob after sail

plein air

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