Thursday, July 24, 2014

How many Americans are LGBT?

"Of 34,557 adults ages 18 and older, the survey reported, 1.6 percent said they were gay or lesbian. Some critics say the numbers are low, but they fall in the range of other surveys. In the new survey, however, only 0.7 percent of respondents described themselves as bisexual; other studies have reported higher numbers."

Even when they were guestimating the figure wasn't much over 3%. Now, the percentage of stories in the news, or characters in entertainment media or literature, that's probably about 20%. Obama by updating a Nixon era EO, will want gender identity included in personnel records--otherwise how will anyone sue their employer and create another dip in the economic recovery?


Anonymous said...

why so much concern over this? Most Christian folks don't truly care, Jesus had an assortment of followers perhaps one or more were well, you know

Norma said...

New York Times thinks it is important and people are losing their careers for not paying attention, so I cover it. Why do you care?