Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Mayo Clinic BMI calculator


Just barely squeak into the normal zone. I’ve lost 18 lbs since Christmas.

Yes, it’s the old tried and true ELMM method—eat less, move more. Works every time, but it does take longer as we age. I’m “embracing” healthy eating with no crazy changes or diet books. Just more fruits and vegetables, more salads with a variety of greens, eating all the colors, steaming, no sandwiches, making a lot of soup from home made broth, avoiding all my triggers—potato chips, crackers, cheddar cheese, processed foods in general and no glass of red wine with dinner.

Yesterday I made baked meatballs out of canned salmon—got them nice and brown, really delicious.  It’s easy to warm them up for a meal.  Even my husband liked them. Also I make up a mess of black beans, brown rice and grilled onions with a smidgen of either bacon or hamburger, divide into 4 packages, and then use that warm on my salad greens with some pieces of fat free feta cheese. I could waste away to nothing before I’d develop a taste for feta, so I think it is pretty safe. If made in Greece, it’s a brined white cheese made from sheep or goat milk, or if U.S. made, may be from cow’s milk.  I can’t tell from this label.


Also more exercise—4-6 miles on the exercyle, spread over 4-5 times a day on the bike so I don’t reinjure my bursa. I’m also using my husband’s finger strengthener for his guitar while I cycle, trying to improve my grip which had become so weak I needed help to open jars.

Grip master

My leg pain of the last 3+ years was gone after the first 10 lbs., but I’m still being careful.

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