Sunday, July 19, 2015

Black lives matter, white not so much

People of European, Asian and Indian ancestry will need to leave the Democrat Party. Saying "white lives matter," or "All lives matter," is now forbidden among the black radicals who are trying to control the language (blacks are now the minority among the minority). They haven't even read the police statistics--more whites are killed by police and at a higher rate than blacks. The leading cause of death of black children under 5 is not guns or whites or police--it's the people who care for them--fathers, mothers, step-parents.  And 38% of abortions are for black babies. Obviously, someone in that "black lives matter" movement doesn't know or care that even black children in the womb and crib and Head Start have lives. Someone hasn't looked at the CDC stats on AIDS among young black men.

This morning I watched a Fox News commentator Jehmu Greene call Donald Trump a douche bag on national TV; what does she call these Black Lives matter Lovers of Ignorance? And she applauds HuffPo for refusing to recognize Trump as a candidate (she uses him to smear all Republicans). But she refuses to address these crazies who took over an entire Netroots forum. How much does she get paid for this bias on Fox? She's a Liberian-American, another product of white privilege wearing a black mask.

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