Thursday, July 30, 2015

The word police

But it won't end even for every trans peep you get right, all <1%. Some word police want "wife" and "husband" removed--too sexist and bigoted for same sex. Some want masculine and feminine pronouns removed. I suppose eventually gay and lesbian, brother and sister, mother and father, grandmother, aunt, grandfather and uncle, mare and stallion, stud and bitch, will have to go and male cardinals will not be able to be red with brown, dull mates. It's another way to destroy history, the Bible, the English language, biology, rewrite most laws, all census records, all of literature, theater and film. Some believe their own reality is all there is. The rest is lies, bigotry, hate and anger. Should be a piece for The Onion, but unfortunately, the inmates are in control of the asylum--and the language.

"NBC BLK contributor" Danielle Moodie-Mills (a lesbian activist who has written with her partner Aisha Moodie-Mills) wants to stretch the FCC – which only regulates broadcast radio and TV – into policing the Internet and print for “misgendering.”  - See more at:

The “misgendered” man/woman in the story was still using his pre-transitioned name, btw.

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