Friday, July 31, 2015

Safe, affordable healthcare for women

Hillary and the White House are doubling down on the Planned Parenthood (sic) selling of baby parts.  She's calling it "safe, affordable healthcare for women," not evil, not death, not parts for profit, not babies. And the White House is really slick--calls the videos fraudulent, I suppose because restaurant noise was edited out (the entire videos are also available if you have the stomach for pure evil).

Let's say you're a Democrat or an Independent or a Libertarian and OK with abortion or a woman’s right to choose when it's a blob of cells, because about 90% are aborted at less than 13 weeks and don't look like a baby to you.  But 1.4% are over 21 weeks, or about 10,225 a year (CDC reports 730,322 abortions in 2012). Those are live children who could survive outside the womb, who can feel pain, cry, turn somersaults, and hear their mothers' voices. What's a good number for you before you call it what it is?

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Anonymous said...

The worst double speak seems to be from the pro-aborts who use health words for death. Next is racialists where color of skin is now aggression.