Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ohio’s governor Kasich has joined the crowd

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It's not embarrassing to have sixteen candidates on the Republican bench, 14 of whom could run the country, it's richness beyond imagining. But it is embarrassing that there are so few Democrats willing to challenge Hillary. There aren't many Democrat governors (31 Republicans, 18 Democrats, and one independent) and that's usually the best preparation for the presidency. And it's not true that there are just right wingers running--it's a media scare tactic. The Democrats have moved so far left that it just appears that way. Three candidates with failed European socialist model. . . 2 of whom have had to apologize for thinking all lives matter and one of whom won’t talk to the press or anyone not selected for her audience (wouldn’t appear at Netroots where the other 2 were skewered).  But it is the party that had to take a special vote to keep the word God in the party platform, and then it barely squeaked through.



As speeches go, his was pretty dull; sounded like a Democrat from the 1980s.

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