Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Democrats will be choked by their own phony outrage

This whole phony Confederate battle flag rage will come back to bite liberals. It was FDR who imprisoned Americans of Japanese, Italian and German ancestry; it was the Democrats who created the KKK and Jim Crow. Look at LBJ's racism; he used the Civil Rights Act as his legacy--but only after years of being on the other team. If you're going to say, "It wasn't us, we're different now," then why can't monuments, parks, movie relics and people 150 years later say that? Africans had slaves (still do); Arabs had slaves (still do); Rome and Greece had slaves; Japan had slaves as recently as the 1940s. There is an international sex slave business even today. The USA fought a costly war and ended race based slavery. But it's a hot political button for a party that is terrified that it only has an elderly socialist and crooked former Secretary of State to run in 2016 and they might lose all that grifting money. The whole bench of 14 or so Republicans needs to stand up as a group and agree this is 100% fake and phony and only meant to divide and conquer.

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