Sunday, July 05, 2015

Spicy green peppers and pineapple stir fry

This sounds easy.  The title said red peppers, but I didn’t see any.  Like many foodie bloggers, she probably uses what’s on hand. Now that I’m getting good at making brown rice, I’ll try this.  I don’t have  a wok, but that won’t matter.  And mine won’t be very spicy.  Recipe at From Scratch.  I added a handful of dried cranberries to freshly cooked green beans the other night, and t was quite good. I think raisins and cranberries make a nice addition to vegetable.s

Ingredients: 1 cup cooked brown rice

2 green bell peppers

1 can pineapple chunks

1/2 white onion

1 handful of raisins

1 cup cooked shrimp (optional)

1 egg

olive oil for cooking

1 tsp. red pepper flakes

2 tsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. sugar

2 tsp. whole wheat flour

Drain your can of pineapple and set the fruit aside. In a small sauce pan mix together the pineapple juice, soy sauce, red pepper, sugar and flour. Cook over medium heat until ingredients are fully combined, set aside. Chop up the onion and green peppers. Drizzle some olive oil in a large wok and heat, saute onions. Once onions begin to brown add in the shrimp, pineapple and green peppers. Add in your fully cooked rice. Once rice has had a chance to warm move all wok contents to one side, crack and add in your egg. As it cooks work it into your rice and other ingredients. Now pour your sauce over the entire thing and add raisins. Allow to cook for another 15-20 minutes and serve.


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